De Lacy are supporting World Cancer Day

25th January 2018

This year in alliance with World Cancer Day, De Lacy Academy intends to support Cancer Research and raise money on Friday 2nd February. Throughout the day, we will be hosting a number of events and activities including: Pink Socks, Name the Teddy Bear, Leg Waxing and a Coffee Morning. Please find more details below.

We hope your child will take part in some or all of the activities during the day, if you would like to make a personal donation this can be done through school or through the Cancer Research website (please see the link attached). Thank you for your support!

Activity details:

  1. Pink Sock Day:
    Students are encouraged to wear their fluffiest, sparkiest, brightest pink socks to school. These may be worn with trousers or over tights if your daughter chooses to wear a skirt to school that day. As a school, we ask for a donation of 50p if your child wishes to take part. There will also be a chance to take part in our ‘Best Pink’ with a prize for the best socks. Please note that normal school uniform must be worn.
  2. Coffee morning:
    Students from the De Lacy charity team will be on hand in the morning and break times to sell coffee, tea, biscuits and all other kinds of treats to raise money for Cancer research. Items will be individually priced.
  3. Leg waxing:
    A few staff members will be having their legs waxed to raise money for charity; we ask that students who want to witness this sceptical pay a 50p entry charge.
  4. Name the teddy bear:
    A teddy bear will be up for grabs; students can pay 20p to participate by suggesting a name for the teddy bear. The winner of the teddy bear goes to the student who comes up with the best name.

Link to donate:

More information about World Cancer Day: