Views of the Academy

Pupil Voice

Pupil voice was conducted with all 22 form groups in the school. Each group was interviewed by a member of the Extended Senior Leadership Team and minutes were taken by members of the administration team. Approximately 10 pupils in each group were seen, and the same control questions were asked of all groups. In this way, a third of the whole school cohort has contributed to the Pupil Voice process.

Questions were based on three broad categories: (See Appendix VII)

  1. Quality of teaching
  2. Progress and achievement
  3. Behaviour

Overall, the pupils interviewed were positive about the school, but gave clear opinions of what they liked and disliked.

For quality of teaching, pupils enjoyed:

  • Lessons that were fun and interesting – especially those in the ROSE suite.
  • Lessons where discussions took place.
  • Lessons where the environment was attractive/positive.
  • Lessons where teachers didn’t talk too much.
  • Lessons where there was no poor behaviour.
  • Lessons where teachers wanted to help you and/or gave you second chances.

For progress and achievement, pupils enjoyed:

  • Lessons where feedback was given and where pupils felt sure they knew how to improve.
  • Lessons where teachers gave a range of feedback, from verbal to stamps/stickers to formal written feedback.

For behaviour, pupils commented:

  • That behaviour in lessons was usually very good.
  • They were happy with the school and the clubs/facilities it offered.
  • They knew whom to talk to if they needed help or were being bullied.
  • If bullying happened, it was dealt with efficiently and effectively by the Student Support Officers.
  • Pupils thought the cameras around campus were useful and made them feel safe.

Opinions on different issues varied according to which class was interviewed. The points above are generic and cover the ‘whole’ in general.