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At De Lacy we recognise the importance to widen our students' cultural awareness.  Through our RSE, PHSCE curriculum and certain subject areas, we have many opportunities where students learn about different cultures. 

Culture Vulture at De Lacy

We have a programme of Cultural music that is used both in and out of lesson time.  Out of lessons, this music is used during social periods whereas in lessons, this may be as part of an independent learning task or a part of our starter activities.  The same music is played across the academy to enable our students to be immersed into that cultural experience.

An example of this would be our Tchaikovsky Week.  During this week students will listen to various pieces of music by Tchaikovsky as well as learning more about the composer.  We also use Artists of the week as well as cultural places of importance. Students are encouraged to engage in conversations about the culture theme as they enter the academy on a morning and in and around the academy building. 

TIC - This is Culture

Cultural awareness is essential for us as an Academy.  We try and recognise all national and international days of celebration but also provide learning opportunities throughout the students' time here at De Lacy.  Selecting key aspects of culture to focus on such as music, key places etc enables our students to become more aware of the world in which they live.  Examples of what we do are shown below.


International Food Days

The health and wellbeing of our students is paramount therefore we try and build a wider appreciation of culture through International Days of Celebration.  Working closely with our Kitchen Manager we can produce culturally 'themed' food which is healthy and nutritious.  All foods that are sampled have recipe cards available that students and staff can take home.

You can find the recipe cards for the samples here - Recipes

Below you will find all of our International Food Themed days as well as the National and International Days of Celebration.

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