Bespoke Enrichment

Here at De Lacy we pride ourselves on creating learning opportunities for all our students.  We pay close attention to the needs of certain students and provide additional platforms for them to thrive.  

Here are some examples of the clubs that we offer –

Austin Powers Club has been created by our SENCO and is aimed at providing opportunities for students to develop essential life skills such as sewing and cooking.  The programme of activities covers all aspects of daily life from applying for jobs to making reservations.

This Girl Can club has been created based around the Nike campaign about raising participation levels in physical activity in young girls.  During these sessions we look at developing good exercise habits as well as informing students about healthy food choices.

The Marvellous Me Illustration Club is set up in conjunction with our Aim Higher programme and provides sills and training for certain Yr. 9 students around raising aspirations.  During these sessions they look at identifying their own personal qualities in order to successfully complete college and university application courses through the medium of drawing.