Enrichment in the Arts

The Music department runs two weekly extra-curricular groups, Singing Group on Mondays and Steel Pan Band on Thursdays.  Singing group provides an opportunity for students to explore their voices through solo and ensemble singing. The steel pan band allows up to 16 students to learn to play the traditional Trinidadian instrument using arrangements of popular and traditional songs.

Peripatetic music lessons are offered to students and take up is greatest in both drum kit and guitar lessons. Students have access to weekly 20-minute lessons, which are paid for by the academy.

The Drama department has a drama group that meets every Thursday lunchtime to work through a combination of scripted and devised pieces. Students work in groups of various sizes to produce performances that allow them to develop their use of acting and presentation skills in a supportive and creative environment.

The Art department offers pupils a chance to break away from the curriculum and develop their own ideas. Art Club also offers our pupils the chance to work on whole school projects or catch up on work in their sketchbooks. This year we have been fortunate to host a comic book club which not only promotes literacy but also teaches students skills needed to create their own comic books.

Performance opportunities –

Students are given the opportunity to take part in productions, combining both music and Drama. Students prepare and deliver a summer and Christmas concert as well as supporting other events throughout the year such as Year 8 Graduation. 

A regular feature of De Lacy is the yearly staff Christmas panto; however, we would hesitate to classify this as Art! In addition, the Enrichment Faculty put on an annual Winter Warmer performance, which gives students in Drama, and Music the opportunity to perform in front of an audience made up of families and members of the community. This is in addition to performance opportunities that are provided throughout the rest of the year, Year 8 Graduation for example.