Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 14th December

On Friday 14th December, in exchange for a minimum donation of £1 students may wear a Christmas themed jumper in addition to the normal shirt and tie. It is important to make it clear that this is not a non-uniform day. Students must wear normal uniform with a Christmas Jumper instead of their blazers, other garments will not be allowed. Making a bold statement by modifying the normal school uniform for one day allows students to show that they are helping to support the work of the charity. If every student and member of staff in the school supports this event by donating a minimum of £1, we would raise over £600 in one day, this would be an amazing achievement.

Save the Children is a charity which helped over 10 million children last year and through various programmes it aims to give children around the world a brighter future.

Should students not wish to wear a Christmas jumper they must attend in full school uniform on the day as normal. These students will still be able to donate to the charity if they wish. Students should bring the donation with them on the day; this money will be collected during form time.