What to do if………

I am late

Go straight to Student Support to sign in. Everyone who is late is issued with a detention, please use this time to catch up on work missed.

I am absent

Ask your parent/carer to telephone the Academy on 01977 722489. Please state clearly your child’s name, form tutor and reason for absence. On your return, bring in a letter from home stating your reasons for absence and take it to the attendance clerk in Student Support.

I have a medical/dental appointment

Show your letter/medical appointment card to your form tutor so that they can authorise it. Go to Student Support, show them your signed note and you will be signed out.

I need time off during term time

Leave of absence for holidays will not be granted and may incur a fixed penalty fine.

I have lost something

Lost property is kept at Reception. All property should be marked with your name.

I forget my PE kit

Apologise to your subject teacher before the lesson, you will be expected to borrow clean kit from our PE department.

I forgot my Homework/ essential equipment

Apologise to your class teacher before the lesson. You may be given a second opportunity to hand it in.  

I am being bullied or know someone who is

Tell somebody - your form tutor, a teacher or a friend. Don’t keep it to yourself.

I do not feel well

Tell your teacher who will send you to the relevant member of staff.

I have to take medication

This should be clearly labelled with your name and given to first aid to be locked away until you need it. The only exception is if you have an inhaler for asthma. You keep these with you.

I lose my planner

You will be expected to purchase a new one, please go to the Finance Office who will advise you of the cost.

I do not have correct uniform

See your Student Support Officer.