De Lacy Academy views homework as an opportunity to extend learning beyond the school day. Homework opportunities should consist of meaningful tasks or projects designed to extend the students’ learning and to: 

  • Support classwork
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
  • Develop independent learning skills
  • Allow students to practice the skills required in assessments and exams
  • Develop resilience and investigation skills
  • Develop time management and organisational life skills 


The student planner is key to recording/evidencing homework and to help the students remember when to hand it in! Students need to use the planner to help them manage their time and organisational skills – carefully recording when the deadlines are for each piece of homework set. 


The work set will vary depending on the subject and time of year. Homework could be short tasks or longer pieces of coursework and/or projects. 

The short tasks could be for example, a 30 minute session per week on HegartyMaths – completing tasks online to support work taught in class.

Longer projects could be like the ‘takeaway’ homeworks given in International Studies where a task may be set over a period of 3 weeks or even half a term! 

Homework may also be digital/online. We use Hegarty maths and GCSE Pod as revision tools and to develop independent study skills. There's provision in school if you have limited access to the internet but Pods can even be watched/completed on a mobile phone!

Each faculty will have a different approach to homework depending on the requirements of their course, the year group the student is in and the time if year in which the homework is set.