Performing Arts Music

These Rock School Awards provide vocationally relevant courses in popular music, which allow for progression into a higher level of study and/or the industry. They focus upon the recognition of achievement through the acquisition of knowledge and practical musical skills, as well as offering flexibility of unit selection.

The aim of these qualifications is to provide learners with the knowledge and range of skills needed to progress them towards being able to operate successfully as performing musicians and producers/composers.

Learners will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of theoretical and contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry;
  • perform effectively on their instrument/voice;
  • rehearse and display musicianship skills in a number of professional scenarios;
  • initiate and develop repertoire;
  • understand relevant aspects of music technology.

Through developing the skills, knowledge and understanding outlined above, learners are provided with the basis for further development with the ultimate aim being the creation of a musician with the knowledge and skills-set to be able to perform and record music in a professional capacity (i.e. be a recording and performing artist).

The core units together with the optional units selected have been carefully chosen to reflect these aims.

The broad objectives are:

  • To focus delivery and assessment on knowledge and understanding together with practical music making and music production through learner centred activity;
  • To make the qualifications relevant to a wide variety of applications from further education provision through to schools and Youth and Creative Apprenticeships and e-learning;
  • To use the principles and skills needed in the creation and performance of popular music to equip learners with transferable skills;
  • To embed transferable skills and key skills into the qualifications;

In year 10 students will undertake an Induction assignment which will prepare them for working at a Level 2 standard. It will also help them to begin to focus on what area of Music they might like to concentrate on (instrument/ technology skills).

They will also to take part in dry run assessments as well as completing the first of 2 optional unit assessments, Music Knowledge Development (201ta).

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