World Book Day

De Lacy staff celebrated World Book Day today by dressing up as their favourite characters. Catering staff dressed up as a pirate and Harry Potter, Mr Belk came as Bananaman for those of you old enough to remember him and Mr Bull came as the boy in a dress! We had the cat in the hat from Miss Arnold and Mr Windley was his usual brave self as a Baywatch lifeguard!

The English faculty dressed up as characters from Dickens' A Christmas Carol which Y11 students are studying as part of their English Literature GCSE this summer. Miss Allison as Head of Faculty was obviously Scrooge, but we had all four ghosts - Marley in his chains, the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Christmas yet to come as well as Bob Cratchitt and of course, Tiny Tim. Students spent break and form times spotting key quotes from the text that were dotted around the academy. Well done and thanks to all who took part.