SEND Interventions

Our current interventions:

Literacy Interventions

A small group intervention which develops students’ accuracy, fluency and comprehension when reading.

A small group intervention which identifies phonological gaps and improves retention of key words and spelling rules through a multi-sensory approach.

Precision teaching – a SENCO-led intervention which focuses on improving students’ reading and spelling of a focused selection of words by initially identifying knowledge gaps.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Kooth counselling services – Offering emotional support to students following traumatic events or long-standing periods of anxiety.

Mindfulness – Strategies to support students in reducing anxiety and stress.

Drawing and Talking Therapeutic Intervention

Tackling Tempers – Strategies to help students regulate their emotions and minimise outbursts.

Small in house support groups supported by the Educational Psychologist

Life Skills

Quick Qwerty Typing programme (for students who use a laptop in school)

“Austin Powers” after school club

Mrs Austin (SENCO) develops students’ life skills and confidence through basic cookery and craft classes as well as discussions about health and safety, personal hygiene, social skills etc. (This is an invite-only club.)

We can refer students who have significant SEND, such as students with an EHCP, for Travel Training. This enables students to walk to school safely and learn how to get buses/ trains independently in preparation for their transition to Post-16 education and employment.

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